Massage Therapy Celbridge
Balanced Body Sport & Medical Massage Therapy.
 Milena is fully qualified (ITEC), registered and insured Massage Therapist, with a passionate interest in research and benefits of medical massage for people who struggle with health. In 2007 she gained a diploma in Physiotherapy – than became interested in massage after seeing the positive effect it had on rehabilitating injuries.
Milena treats private clients, and since 2012 has been working as a massage therapist for the Motorbike Racing Irish Champion Thomas Lawlor.
Since 2013 as a massage therapist for the Irish Bodybuilding Champion, Igor Sidarchuk.
Since 2014 as a massage therapist for Tony Devine – holder of two ONAKAI – all Ireland Karate gold medals in WKF Kumite, winner in the Dublin & Leinster Intermediate Boxing Championship and Empire State Building Run-Up competitor (finished in the top 30)
Registered Massage Therapist.
Fully qualified and insured member of the CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) – and as a member, offers a high standard of treatment and follows professional codes of practice and ethics.

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Our treatments are tailored to your needs, making them suitable and effective.

Medical Massage

Sport Massage

Dry Neddling

Relaxing Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Trigger Points Therapy


Myofascial Release

The Key to our success.
Relief- of the pain and tension that you are experiencing.
Correction- of the problem by recognising the cause.
Stretching– increased flexibility is the base of your physical health.
Strengthening- not just the area of discomfort, but the whole body.
Educating you on wellness and maintenance to re-educate your body.
How often do you pay attention to the signals of wear and tear that your body sends through an aching back, sore shoulders and a stiff neck?
There are many reasons why you might need massage therapy or why you might choose to have regular treatments.
  • Are you seeking relief from acute or chronic muscular pain, such a back, shoulders and neck pain?
  • Are you dealing with stress and releated disorders such a tension headeches, deppression and anxiety?
  • Are you preparing for a sport event or simply looking for a regular sport treatment?
  • Are you needing a time for yourself? And enjoying the calm and peace of relaxing massage treatments?
Sport and Medical Massage Therapy Celbridge