,,As a person who sits in front of computer 8 hours a day I suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain. I tried going to the spa for a massage but that never helped, sometimes only making it worst. My brother in law gave me Milena’s contact details and since my 1st appointment I knew I had found the right person to help me. She is very professional, knowledgeable and explains where the pain comes from and how to counteract it. I would highly recommend her to anyone who suffers like I do, The best by far. ,,

Matthew Cahill

ATC Dublin



,,Balanced Body massage is a complete physical therapy massage whereby the level of therapy is expertly gauged as to the requirements of the ailment(s). I used this service in preparation for a marathon last year to help address niggles I was suffering from and the attention and therapy I received far exceeded my expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Balanced Body physical therapy whether it be an athlete recovering from an injury or a person suffering from a chronic muscular ailment. Milena’s expertise and experience  comes to the fore and she gauges what level of intervention is appropriate. Couldn’t recomment highly enough.,,
Mark Domican
Pharmacy manager
Walsh’s Pharmacy
Tesco Shopping Centre



,,Having met Milena through a recommrndation I am truely impressed and feel like I am further progressing to full recovery post a back/glutes injury…her knowledge of muscle anatomy is brilliant, she effectively locates trigger points and applies release techniques that provide amazing pain relief…she also provides ,,homework,, in a small series of stretches to continue the good work post massages…I also find that her caring manner adds to the service as she easy to talk and relate too… ,,

Cathy Dunne




I contacted Milena at Balanced Body Sports Massage through an article in The Link magazine and I have not looked back. A professional friendly sports massage therapist Milena is excellent at identifying and solving sports injuries, aches and sprains. She has a wealth of knowledge and understands sports anatomy – the body and muscle function. On my third sports massage session I have had proven results having recent success with parkrun 5K, 10K and Half Marathon PB’s. I highly recommend Milena at Balanced Body Sports Massage.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Born to Run,

Alan Maher




,,I have over 25 years experience in sports competition, training and performance.
The lessons I have learnt…
1- You cannot achieve high performance in sport without a training plan that includes massage.
2- You will not achieve your goals in sport and work without a balanced body and mind.
 At Balanced Body…
 You get the highest quality massage at a very reasonable price.
The focus is on you to help your mind, body and spirit achieve relaxation and rejuvenation- a real balance…
 Milena is a superstar, a one in a million..
Pure professionalism with a nice calm approach…
She has been a huge help to me and my team…I can only highly recommend… ,,
 Tony Devine
IABA Boxing coach, IKA Karate Coach, Personal trainer, and owner Excellence in Training Company
,,I would highly recommend Milena for sports massage. I had a knee injury and after a deep massage I was able to resume training and was pain free. I was very impressed by Milena’s friendly and professional service and her commitment to getting her clients fit and healthy. She is also the first therapist to call me the next day to see how I was. …now thats good service… Thank you Milena,,
Sue Molloy
Gym Instructor

I have been Milena’s client for quite a while. Due to long standing hours at work I suffered from lower back pain. At “Balanced Body” I received not only high quality massage but also professional advice about an exercise plan to stretch properly and work on my posture. Milena was always well prepared for every session and she did everything to find the root to the cause of the ailment I presented with. On top of that she is an extremely nice and easy approachable person. I recommend her service to everybody looking for massage therapy.

Magda Zablocka
Walsh’s Pharmacy

I had been seeing a physio for over 15years with neck and shoulder pain, this pain often left me with migraines and spending the weekend on painkillers after a long week at a desk job or in a car being in sales. I found Milena only a few weeks ago and I cant believe I didnt find her earlier! My headaches dissapeared, my neck and shoulder pain also went (all in 4 appointments) I will continue to get massages and trigger point release forever! my energy and mood was also lifted and Milena is fab at her job and very personable. thanks so much –


Milena provides a professional service  which is individually developed for each client. I have experienced lower back and hip pain for several years but had never found any treatment effective. MIlena recommended deep tissue therapy  in combination with a stretching programme which has significantly improved my symptoms. I would highly recommend Milena  as a practitioner to all of my friends and family.





,,I found Balanced Body massage provided an all round excellent service. Professional and friendly, the problems I was having with my neck were fixed after just a couple it treatments. I would highly recommend them if you are having muscle problems or are just looking for a relaxing experience.,,

Paul O’Shaughnessy




,, I went to Milena because of two separate Injuries in 2015. I found her to be extremely professional and showed a great wealth of knowledge towards the human body. ,,

Damian Doyle


,,I would like to thank Milena for helping me with my shoulder problem. Also I had some lovely relaxing massages to relive stress of 2015. I’m looking forward to more help from her in 2016. ,,

Darren McSorley

Quarryplant International Ltd.





,, I can highly recommend Milena and the skill sets she brings to the table. I’ve travelled a lot for work and have had my fair share of massage and bodywork done and none to this standard. Not only is she extremely professional, she persistent in her approach to make the body stronger and more energises! 5 stars from me,,

Recording artist

Keith Cullen




,, I recently had need of treatment for a back injury. I was recommended Balanced Body Massage Therapy. The therapist there is Milena, she was extremely professional. I was asked in detail about my injury and its effect before starting my treatment. The premises was clean and well laid out…The benefits of the treatment was almost immediate. I would highly recommend Milena to anyone. ,,

Gerard Timmons



,,I have been client of Milena for over a year now. I find her to be a conscientious person who works with me to solve my ongoing ailments. She listens carefully and chooses the rights treatments for me. I would definitely recommend her to a friend. ,,

Brendan Dolan